Okay, you have landed in Australia and it's time to travel & explore, however there will be lots of you that want to stay in this great country for a 2nd year.  Here is all the info on what's required to hang around for a 2nd year and how to go about it.



This link to the Australian Government Border Force department gives you all the info on your working holiday visa, including what type of work counts towards obtaining a 2nd Year visa. 


It also has all the details regarding which areas in Australia are classified as 'regional work', and  also gives examples of how piece work (paid per bucket, bin etc) and farm days are calculated to achieve your 88 days of regional work.


Working Holiday 417 Visa



Use this below link to obtain you Visa Verification Form.


This is the form that you complete and get your employer to sign and has all the information on your regional work including your days worked, your employers ABN number and the area that you worked and the type of job that you performed.

This is not an application form for your 2nd Year visa.


Working Holiday 2nd Year Verification Form



When applying for your 2nd Year Visa, from either inside Australia or from overseas head to this link via your IMMIACCOUNT.

When lodging this form with the Department of Immigration you must ensure that you have completed the minimum 88 day’s work.  DO NOT lodge your this application PRIOR to finishing your work as the days after this will not count towards your 2nd year Visa.


2nd Year Visa application and checklist