Your in Australia on a 12 month holiday and part of the program is do 88 days of regional work, in most cases fruit picking, which gives you the chance of staying a 2nd year.  Yep, us Aussies are far to lazy to pick fruit,,,,,that's why your here.


This page gives you all the information regarding harvest work and handy links and useful information on how not to get screwed while doing your farm work.



When looking for any type of job, especially your farm work, DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. 

Know what you should be paid.  As at June 2018, for picking fruit and vegetables you should be paid at least $22.86, plus superannuation and you should also be covered for workers compensation.

If you are on piece work, once you gain some experience and work at an average pace you should be able to pick enough to make $25.60 per hour.  Obviously you will get paid less if you work slowly however this can be legal.

Always keep a track of your hours worked and the type of work.

The Fair Work Ombudsman has a great app that allows you to log and keep records

Click on Fair Work App and away you go.



This harvest guide is a good starting point to finding where and when the various harvesting/fruit picking jobs are in Australia.


National Harvest Guide