To hire a free Adelaide City Bike all you need to bring is a valid photo ID.  Your ID will be held as a deposit for the duration of the bike hire and will be given back to you when you have returned the bike.



 Click on Download the Adelaide City Bikes Map or More info on cycling in Adelaide for more information on cycling in Adelaide.


BikeSA locations - 

        Adelaide Central Bus Station        Open 7 days from 8am


Bicycle SA     53 Carrington St       Open 7 days  9am  -  5pm         (summer 8am  -  6pm)

                                              Closed on public holidays 


Adelaide       25 Pirie St                  Open Mon to Fri 8.30am  -  5pm

City Council                                  Closed on public holidays




 Please note that bikes can only be used during daylight hours and will not be hired out on days where the temperature for Adelaide is forecast to be 38 degrees or above.