When you need help with buying a car, registering a car, or your car needs repairing come and stay at Sunny's as we are the specialist when it comes to all things about cars.

We also provide you with all the right documents to enable you to register your vehicle or even transfer your interstate registration to South Australia.

And we also promise that we know the best mechanics in Adelaide that will provide you with quality work without overcharging.





Vehicle Registration

If you purchase a car while you are staying at Sunny’s and it is registered in SA you will need to provide certain documents to Services SA within 14 days to transfer your vehicles registration into your name.


You will need;

  • A Residency Letter which shows that you have an address within South Australia for registration purposes.
  • Your Drivers Licence
  • A Rent Receipt for your accommodation in Adelaide
  • A copy of your Visa Grant Notice from Immigration.
  • Passport
  • Bank card that includes your name on it