Your in Australia on a 12 month holiday and part of the programme is do 88 days of regional work, in most cases fruit picking, which gives you the chance of staying a 2nd year.  Yep, us Aussies are far to lazy to pick fruit,,,,,that's why your here.


This page gives you all the information regarding harvest work and handy links and hints for completing your 88 regional days and obtaining a 2nd Year Visa.




There are services daily to an from Adelaide Airport.  The JETBUS service is operated by AdelaideMetro and you do not need a Metrocard to use the service, just pay the driver, it's that easy.


When you need help with buying a car, registering a car, or your car needs repairing come and stay at Sunny's as we are the specialist when it comes to all things about cars.

We also provide you with all the right documents to enable you to register your vehicle or even transfer your interstate registration to South Australia.

And we also promise that we know the best mechanics in Adelaide that will provide you with quality work without overcharging.

Use the attached link to obtain you Visa Verification Form.  If you are intending to apply for your 2nd Year Working Holiday Visa you must complete this form as you complete your regional work. 

When lodging this form with the Department of Immigration you must ensure that you have completed the minimum 88 day’s work.  DO NOT lodge your form PRIOR to finishing your work as the days after this will not count towards your 2nd year Visa.




All working holiday visa holders need to apply for a Tax File Number (TFN).  Use the below link to apply for your TFN.  It only takes 5 minutes and is free to apply. 


If staying at Sunny’s use the following address;        139 Franklin Street, Adelaide, 5000 SA


The application for a TFN usually takes between 6 – 10 working days.  If you are leaving Sunny’s before you have received your TFN please leave your email/phone number so we can redirect your TFN to your new address or we can text you the TFN number.


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